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Mischievously roasting coffee on a micro-level, one small-batch at a time has been our focus since sourcing, roasting, and brewing a unique cup of coffee became our passion. Our coffee expedition began at the latter stage of coffee’s journey from source to cup, when, at the time we operated a small café, BarleyBean, in the heart of the West Campus area near the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, beginning in 2014. The focus then, as it remains to this day, serving a great cup of coffee from one person to the next as best we could. As café operators, the impact sustained from source to cup was primarily accomplished through proper brewing of the coffee we received from various roasters around the country. While the coffee we were receiving from our roasting partners was great coffee, we sought to impact the coffee supply chain further through sourcing and roasting our own coffee. 


Beginning in 2016, our coffee expedition branched out beyond brewing a great cup of coffee, now we were able to pick the coffee most suitable for our customers. This meant extensive experimentation and feedback from our customers as to the flavor profile that was most preferable to them. While coffee is subjective, like all food products known to humankind, we were striving for some form of objectivity in the subjectivity of our customers. After careful consideration and conversations with our customers, the consensus was that a lighter roasted coffee, which sustained the flavors of the origin of the coffee would be our roasting philosophy. Thereafter, we would develop floral and fruity notes, while also developing bolder flavors, such as chocolate and spices. With that being said, we were therefore, full-fledged “third-wave” coffee roasters.  Through visits to coffee farms, speaking with importers and established roasters, we decided to only source coffee beans that have been grown using environmentally sound farming practices as well as treating its farmers fair and equitable.  

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