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Ryan Mosler

Ryan is a co-founder and CTO of Barley Bean. He currently heads the coffee roasting and training department and is also the purchase manager for our green coffee. He oversees coffee training, and ensures the smooth functioning of all the coffee equipment at the Barley Bean locations. He also practices law on the side, but his passion for coffee has become an obsession which in return has driven him to make his venture into the cafe business with roasting being his highest and best skill. Ryan achievements include the inception of our world class Cold Brew.

Veronica Raedy

Veronica is co- founder and heads the Client Services Division with Barley Bean, and currently serves as an operations and training manager for all the current and new locations. She is actively involved in setting up new cafes, and works from our headquarters in Austin, Texas. She has a great palate for good food and enjoys drinking Cappuccino. She excels at multi-tasking keeping the customer service and quality control at par.

Mohit Mehra

Mohit Mehra is the brainchild behind Barley Bean and currently serves as the CEO of the company. He Co-founded the company in 2014 with Ryan and has actively been involved in the growth and strategy for the company. He brings over 16 years of Hospitality and management experience. He also owns a financial and a full service real estate development company which he manages in house for design and construction for all the locations. An entrepreneur at heart, Barley Bean is his 1st child. He loves adventure and passion is his middle name.

Jennifer Coffman

Jennifer Coffman, often referred as Jenny Penny has been with the company since March of 2015 and is one of the 4 pillars of Barley Bean. She currently serves as the Head Chef and General Manager for Barley Bean and also heads the baking division of the company. Jennifer holds a culinary management degree and has held multiple positions with the company. She is currently working under the leadership of Mohit Mehra on the new venture called Artista Rosso and will serve as the executive chef. Simultaneously she is also getting trained to become the Director of operations (multi unit) and Director of food and beverage. Her passion lies in Pizza and recently she got certified from GoodFellas Pizza school  in New York. She also excels in basketball and is a fitness freak especially outdoors. 

Kathleen Wood Mehra

Kate is the one of the oldest members of our café family and is one of the most prominent individuals involved in creating Barley Bean. She served as the first General Manager for Barley Bean and along with Jen and Ryan set up multiple locations before enrolling in Auguste Escoffier institute in Austin TX to become a baker. She graduated in 2015 and opened her own bakery where she makes the delicious pastries for Barley Bean cafes. Currently she is working on the Grab and go menu for Barley Bean along with Catering. She loves Iced Hazel nut coffee and her first love Bozley.. (a bichon fraise)

John Higdon

John Higdon: Principal Broker for Barley Bean 

John, is a seasoned real estate professional with over 16 years of experience with real estate, acquisition, data analysis, study and brokerage. John and Mohit go way back to 2008 when they signed their first deal 'Market and Barton Creek' and have been strong and growing ever since ..  apart from working on real estate deals for barley bean, John is currently a strong consultant to Mohit as well.. John loves traveling and lots of adventures.

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Design and Construction

Brett Conti

Brett is the Project Superintendent for Barley Bean construction department and has been with the company since May of 2016. He is also a great Bar Manager with wealth of knowledge pertaining to Cocktails, Beer and wine. He is very hands on knows how to get shit done. He is from New York, loves to travel and is currently working on the next bar concept in Austin TX. 

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Graphic Design

David Nichols

David and Mohit go all the way back to 2011 when Mohit built the fine dining Indian restaurant in Austin TX. David currently manages the website content and works on creating all the marketing collateral for Barley Bean. He is a great artist and has an immense appreciation for a good coffee.

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