Colombia Supremo Huila

Colombia Supremo Huila


Origin: Colombia

Region: Department of Huila

Producer: Smallholder farmers from the Huila region

Altitude: 1,300 – 1,900 meters above sea level

Variety: Caturra

Harvest period: All year Classification: Supremo, Screen Size 17/18

Processing: Washed Special feature: Location on the equator Source / Processing /

Story: The state of Huila is located in the southern part of Colombia and it is the geographic spot where the Andes Mountains form a knot. Here, the three ranges (Cordilleras) split between western, central and eastern Andes that go up to northern Colombia. Between the eastern and central cordillera flows the Magdalena River which goes all the way up to the Caribbean Coast. Between the central and western Andes mountain chains is the Cauca River which flows into the Magdalena River in the Caribbean plains. The area is very volcanic and therefore ideal soil and altitudes enable the cultivation of high quality coffee, ranging from 1,300 – 1,900 meters above sea level. Due to the geographical location near the equator there is only little distinction between the different seasons in Colombia. The varying altitudes and microclimates generated by the rivers and mountain ranges split the state so that the harvest takes place several times per year compared to other coffee producing countries: April- June main crop, October- January fly crop. A lot of the area still grows Caturra variety which produces larger beans and therefore allows the availability of especially the larger beans called Supremo types all year round.

Cup Profile: Medium to strong acidity, medium body, sweet, dark berry like notes, smooth.


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