Guatemala Fancy SHB EP Huehuetenango

Guatemala Fancy SHB EP Huehuetenango


Origin: Guatemala Region: Huehuetenango, San Antonio Huista

Producer: Small-holder and medium-sized farmers

Altitude: 1.200 – 1.900 meters above sea level

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica Crop

Period: December - April Classification: Fancy Strictly Hard Bean (=SHB) Processing: Fully washed Source / Processing /

Story: Huehuetenango is one of the most liked coffee growing regions in the north-west of Guatemala and has been producing coffee since Jesuit priests have introduced coffee to Guatemala in the late 18th century. One of the main reasons why Huehuetenango (also known as Huehue) produces such great coffees is its unique topography: at the foot of the Cuchumatanes mountain range excellent soil conditions as well as a proper micro-climate are a given. Hot air currents from Mexico descend as cool air allowing the cultivation of coffee up to an altitude of almost 1.900 masl. San Antonio Huista is mainly populated by members of the Huista tribe. They produce the coffee as small-holders and some are medium sized farmers. The manually pick the cherries when they are red and ready for harvesting. After harvest the cherries are de-pulped, fermented, washed and then dried as parchment (pergamino).

Cup Profile: Mild citric acidity, sweet, smooth and balanced body, notes of black tea.


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