Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1 Triple Picked

Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Gr.1 Triple Picked


Origin: Indonesia

Region: Aceh Province, Bener Meriah Regency

Producer: 490 Smallholder Farmers

Production Area: 505 hectares

Altitude: 1.250 – 1.450 masl

Variety: Typica

Harvest period: Main-Crop: Oct – Jan, Fly-Crop: Apr-Jun

Classification: Grade 1, Triple Picked Process: Semi-washed

Special feature: Dark green colour of the raw coffee beans

History / Origin / Process: Coffee cultivation in Indonesia holds a 300 year old story which has been significantly influenced by the Dutch colonization. After Indonesia became independent, the plantations were either controlled by the government or closed down. Today Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. Approx. 92% of the coffee production is in the hands of small producers using traditional techniques. The coffees have a unique dark greenish colour due to the special processing, the so called semiwashed method: directly after harvesting, the farmers separate the fruit pulp from the bean with handoperated de-pulping machines and let the beans ferment overnight. Due to the fermentation process the fruit pulp is now detached from the bean and can be washed away by hand. Afterwards the farmer dries the remaining parchment beans carefully for a couple of hours in his garden until a humidity content of 50% is reached. After this first drying step the humid parchment is transported to a mill and a further drying process of 1 to 2 days takes place. The swollen beans go through a hulling machine that removes the sticky parchment skin. In Medan the coffee is being dried a last time down to 12% and afterwards ready for grading and classification for the export.

Cup profile: medium fresh and fruity acidity, delicate body with herbal and spicy notes


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