340 Grams is Not 340 Grams. Pour-Over: To Use a Stand or Not to Use a Stand?

What’s good, coffee fanatics?! This week, over here at Barley Bean, we’ve been in some pretty deep analysis regarding our pour-over methodology. The two potential methods to brewing a pour-over coffee are either using a pour-over device on top of a stand, allowing space between the cup and the filter, or placing the device directly on top of the mug.

Our very own Felix Rendon, when #obsessing over the pour-over this week, brought to our attention none other than water retention within our brewing methods. When making a pour-over, a popular topic is the water to coffee brew ratio, for example 16:1 (16 grams of water to 1 grams coffee). Whenever a pour-over device is directly on the mug, the ratio would be 340:22. What we were analyzing this week was the 340g of water. When using a stand, the grounds do not count in the end water weight, like they do in the direct mug method. What this means is the same ratio using a pour-over method could result in two very different tasting cups of brew. The direct mug method will produce a bolder, more full-bodied cup. The stand will give you a brighter, bigger flavor. Once Felix brought this to our attention, it seemed so obvious, yet we never noticed the weight difference or bothered to notice the flavor difference either. Our takeaway in this, other than the fact that we’re clearly #coffeenerds, is that sometimes we are so fixated into delving into every detail, such as water to coffee ratio, water quality, the maintenance of our machines, coffee pairings, and brewing parameters, etc., that we forget to step back and recognize that the simplest of details create wonderful varieties in coffee. The more you know! We’ll keep you updated on our next #coffeerealizations, and until next time, stop by Barley Bean and say hi to Felix! Order a pour-over!

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