The Perfect Couple: Coffee & Pastry Pairing

We saw you staring. The last time you were in Barley Bean, ordering at the register -- your eyes began to wander over to our delicious baked goods and pastries, your mouth watering. Maybe you ordered one, maybe you didn’t. We’re here today to tell you that you should order one-- and to teach you exactly which of our pastries will compliment your coffee choice the best. The different flavors and subtleties in pastries highlight the flavor profiles of our various roasts. This is true of any coffee/food pairing. When ordering a lighter roast coffee, for instance our House Blend, fruity, herbaceous, or floral flavors will highlight the fragrant, citrus notes in the roast. A great pastry to pair with our House Blend is our Blueberry Muffin. If you’re opting into one of Barley Bean’s delicious Ethiopia pour overs, an Almond Croissant will couple nicely. With a medium roast coffee, nutty, malt-like, caramel, and chocolate flavors pair nicely, which highlight an almost brown sugar-like flavor in the coffee. If you’re on the dark side (#StarWarsReferenceHere), and like to enjoy our Sumatra pour over, pair it with a pumpkin bread. The nutmeg notes in the bread will bring out a warming, spiciness to the Sumatra, which we know your palate will find pleasing. Keep in mind, these are just suggestions to highlight the best flavors in your favorite Barley Bean roasts. We want you to branch out in any direction your taste buds take you! However, we have outlined flavor profiles that work best with pastry/coffee pairings below:

Lighter Roast Coffee:

  • Fruit-forward baked goods -- citrus and berry flavors

  • Herbaceous flavor profiles

  • Floral, fragrant profiles

Medium Roast Coffee:

  • Almonds, peanuts, nut profiles and malt-like flavors

  • Caramel

  • Chocolate notes

Dark Roast Coffee

  • Warm, spicy flavors -- nutmeg, clove, pepper

  • Smoky flavors

  • Savory profiles, balsamic, ashy flavors

You’re well on your way to becoming a pastry/coffee pairing expert! Or at the very least, know which baked good at Barley Bean will taste best with your morning brew. We bake and roast all of our pastries and coffee beans in house, providing you with a unique pairing experience you can only find at Barley Bean. Drop in today to start your food & coffee coupling adventures!

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