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Our corporate headquarters located on West Campus, in Austin, Texas is the training facility for all Barley Bean locations, existing licensees, and future Barley Bean owners. Our location covers the whole 9 yard of coffee, pizza, sandwiches, barista, and roasting training.

Barista Training: If you own a cafe, or are planning to open a coffee shop Barley Bean is the location for having your baristas trained. Our class includes brewing methods like, pour over, drip, working with the coffee and espresso grinders, working the espresso machines, extracting the perfect espresso shot, and creating beautiful latte art. We also teach to prepare a number of drinks using flavor profiles and reducing waste.

Roasting: We offer 40 hours of roasting classes at our West Campus under our master roaster, Ryan Mosler, where we cover all the elements from picking the right beans, roast profiles, understanding green coffee, seed to cup, single origins, blends, coffee purchasing, and backing up with lots of practice, tasting delicious coffee, and having fun. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling. 

Cupping: We strongly believe that a good cupper is a good roaster and highly recommend taking our cupping class prior to roasting. We offer great exposure to the best coffees, how to cup, and cover creation of blends through the dry and wet profiles.

Pizza: Our 5 day intense pizza training course teaches you how to make our award winning pizzas, which includes our signature recipes for the sauce and dough.

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